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Mushroom Circle

Mushroom Circle

While hiking through a forest, I came across these mushrooms growing in an almost perfect circle. I was sure there must a good reason why they were growing this way, but I could not see it.

Back home, I asked Wikipedia and it turns out these fairy rings are not uncommon. There are several theories why they grow in this way, but apparently there is no consensus yet. Until the scientists figure the mystery of the mushrooms out, the fact that they are pretty will have to suffice.

Mountain Cranberry

Wilde Preiselbeere

The mountain cranberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea, lingonberry, or cowberry) is a delicious little berry that grows wild all over Scandinavia (and other places, I am sure). They are tart in taste, which is considered a plus by their fans. 🙂

I cam across this one during a drizzle, which added the lovely drops. Speaking of lovely: do you adore the quality of the light as much as I do?

Alpine Strawberries are blossoming in the warm spring sun. I take that as a sign that spring is here to stay. 🙂

Alpine Strawberry Blossoms in the Spring Sun

Alpine Strawberry Blossoms in the Spring Sun

Last week we experienced some lovely fall weather. I was driving when the storm clouds parted to let the sun light up a rapeseed field. I stopped the car at the next safe opportunity and ran out with my camera before the light changed again.

It turned out that the weather stayed like this for a few minutes more than I anticipated and it was on the way back that I got the best images of the oak tree with the orange leaves in the bright yellow and green rapeseed field.

Oak Tree in a Rapeseed Field

Oak Tree in a Rapeseed Field

Much to my chagrin, I was only carrying a JPEG-only tiny compact camera. This really shows at larger print sizes, but for online viewing it is a moot point.

Aside from the cliches that there is no substitute for the right light and that the best camera is the one you have at hand, there is another lesson that I draw from this experience:

Wear sturdy boots when you take a walk in the fields or spend an hour cleaning up your dress shoes. (Yes, it I did. ;-))

Apparently the Eisbach in München is a hot place to ride the waves on a surfboard. As you can see from the photo below, it is not very wide (only a few meters) and there is quite a crowd queued up on hot summer days waiting their turn. There are many, many more spectators milling about, so if you are a beginner, you might want to choose someplace more private to fall in. 🙂

This surfer did quite well, staying on the board for a long time while riding back and forth as the waves took the board:

A surfer riding the waves.

Surfer riding the waves.

I like the stark contrast between the foamy white spray, the rich green of the water, and the dark silhouette of the surfer. Look at how the line formed by the torso and head is mirrored in the lines of the waves in the background.

To me this picture shows the dynamic, fluid unity that the surfer needs to achieve with the water in order to stay on the board.

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