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Quite often a good photo is waiting to be found in the details. While walking along a lake, I noticed the water washing up against rocks and dead wood, whipping up a light froth. I bent down and looked more closely and the longer I looked, the more interesting patters formed and dissolved themselves.

I wonder how this would look in a video? Mmm, maybe that is a project for the future …

Frog on a Rock

While spending some time at the riverside, I noticed a frog sitting on a rock in the water. He held still just long enough for me to expose a single shot, then he dove into the water and hid under a rock.

Frog on a Rock

I like the way the shape of the rock mimics the shape of the frog – or is it the other way around?

Rocks and Ice

While out for a walk, I saw ice on the water surface and some rocks. This is one of the images of the series, “Rocks and Ice XXI” as it came from the camera (the raw converter, actually).

Rocks and Ice XXI (original)

Here is what the image looks like after some mild editing:

Close-up of Rocks and Ice

Rocks and Ice XXI

The web version looks pretty good, but I am still not entirely happy with the way the prints for this series are turning out. The prints lack the final bit of “punch” that I’m looking for. I think a lot more time in Photoshop is called for …