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More ice crystals:

Ice Crystal Colors II

Ice Crystal Colors II

It is currently rather cold and it snows quite a bit in Bavaria. On Sunday the sky was a clear blue and the sunlight was crisp and clean, lighting these ice crystals beautifully:

Ice Crystal Colors I

Ice Crystal Colors I

Can you guess what the background is?

Winter has arrived here in Germany and it is getting cold and snowy. On an outing I found a frozen pond with crisp, fresh snow on the frozen surface which an animal, probably a dog, had explored.

Animal tracks in fresh snow.

Tracks in the Snow

I like the way the sunlight plays on the white surface with the shadows appearing blue, not black, because of the ice.

Rocks and Ice

While out for a walk, I saw ice on the water surface and some rocks. This is one of the images of the series, “Rocks and Ice XXI” as it came from the camera (the raw converter, actually).

Rocks and Ice XXI (original)

Here is what the image looks like after some mild editing:

Close-up of Rocks and Ice

Rocks and Ice XXI

The web version looks pretty good, but I am still not entirely happy with the way the prints for this series are turning out. The prints lack the final bit of “punch” that I’m looking for. I think a lot more time in Photoshop is called for …