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Last weekend I came upon this dragonfly while walking along the Gro├če Laine in Jachenau in the Alps.

A dragonfly sitting on a warm rock, enjoying the heat of the sun.

Dragonfly Sunning itself on a Rock.

The dragonfly zoomed about over the water of the river for a while before landing on the face of a large boulder to spread its wings and enjoy the warm sunlight. I was able to get consecutively closer to take some pictures before a child popped up over the top of the rock, peering straight down at the dragonfly. This, of course, was a bit too much for the dragonfly, which took off.

I really love the comment of the child: “I guess it thought I was going to kill it.” – Spot on, dear!

I was just leaving the house when I spotted the dragonfly that I had been after for days finally sitting still on a rosebud.

Dragonfly on a rosebud

Unfortunately I did not have time to grab my DSLR – fortunately I had the G9 ready in a pocket and managed to squeeze off a few shots before I had to run. I am rather pleased with the depth-of-field (or lack thereof) from such a small sensor.


I was out walking in the forest when I came upon a muddy little pond with a large dragonfly hovering about.