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Last weekend I had a really fun assignment shooting a rehearsal of the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It will be performed May 13th and 14th in Freising by a cast of almost 300 people.

What I saw was breathtaking – a stunning performance. Even though the performers are all laymen and -women, the choreographer, director, voice coaches, etc. are all pros working pro bono – and it shows.

Here are some impressions, you can find more on my Flickr! page in the Joseph set.

Grim Brothers

Grim looking brothers - not all of which are male.

Angry brothers shout at the Narrator

Brothers crowding around and shouting their anger at the narrator.

Josephs brothers and the narrator practice dance moves.

Narrator and brothers practicing dance moves.

Colorful children.

Children practicing their color swirl dance.

In case you have been looking carefully and feel confused: there are two different narrators to cover all four performances. 🙂

I spent all day taking pictures at the Christmas bazar yesterday. We gave children, adults, and families the opportunity to dress up as angels, shepherds, or as Santa’s elves. I then took pictures against a nice background and we made whatever prints the clients wanted.
What a huge number of smiles that day!

Wedding Assignment

I was at a very nice wedding. My assignment was to take pictures, of course, and I am very happy with the results. My best wishes to the happy couple!