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While visiting a zoo, I saw a wonderful scene:

A boy touches a gorilla child through a pane of glas.

Man-child meets Gorilla-child

A gorilla child was lying on his (her?) mothers back, clearly enjoying the snuggle, and resting his feet on the pane of glass that makes up their habitat.

A boy came along and, wanting to meet the gorilla, touched the apes feet through the pane of glass with his hand. He seemed a bit disappointed that all he felt was the cool, smooth glas, not the warm and soft being on the other side.

I was stuck by the thought that if it is possible for a man-child to reach out to a gorilla-child, how much easier it must be for man-child to reach out to man-child.

A boy and a girl are hugging their mother's belly containing their baby sibling. A girl and a boy hugging and kissing their mothers belly in anticipation of the sibling that is inside.


Recently I went to India for the first time. What a wonderful place!

I was (and still am) fascinated by the colors, the smells, the bustling business everywhere. The general feel was of vibrant aliveness.

Because my primary objective was not photography, I decided to carry only a Canon G9, not a DSLR. I figured that because of the generally intense sunlight, I would not have to do much high-ISO shooting, so image quality would be acceptable. I also figured that I would deeply regret the shots that I would loose because of this decision.

Well, I was right on both counts. Most pictures were taken in sunlight so bright that sensor density (i.e. the number of f-stops between the highest and lowest levels of light that can be discerned) was the limiting factor, not sensor sensitivity.

And I lost a number of shots because the G9 is so much slower than a DSLR. Try riding in a 3-wheeler cab through dense urban traffic with the driver going like the devil is breathing down his back and then you see an elephant in the fray … by the time the autofocus had gained focus, we were well and truly on a different street.

I am still rather pleased with the results and in all honesty, since the G9 was just small enough for me to have it with me literally all the time, I probably got some shots that I would not have gotten with a DSLR because the bigger camera would have been in the hotel room or in a bag.

Decide for yourself what you think, there are more images in this gallery!

Boy Flying a Kite

Boy flying a kite


Oxcart delivering ice


Shrine to an unknown deity