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Last weekend I came upon this dragonfly while walking along the Große Laine in Jachenau in the Alps.

A dragonfly sitting on a warm rock, enjoying the heat of the sun.

Dragonfly Sunning itself on a Rock.

The dragonfly zoomed about over the water of the river for a while before landing on the face of a large boulder to spread its wings and enjoy the warm sunlight. I was able to get consecutively closer to take some pictures before a child popped up over the top of the rock, peering straight down at the dragonfly. This, of course, was a bit too much for the dragonfly, which took off.

I really love the comment of the child: “I guess it thought I was going to kill it.” – Spot on, dear!

The anemones have just begun to bloom. I love these flowers and relish the opportunity to take pictures of them. Here is this year’s first (good) anemone picture:

A pink anemone flower photographed against the light.

Pink Anemone Flower

I like anemones for their delicate beauty which is so visible when you look at the colored veins and spots against the light. Can you see the tiny hairs that line the petals? And the shadows the flower throws on itself in the sunlight?

Have I mentioned that I really love these flowers? No, I do not think you could have guessed. 🙂

Green Lizard

The green streak on the brown bark of the tree caught my attention. It turned out to be a wonderfully fluorescent green lizard sitting upside-down on the trunk of the tree:

A bright green lizard on a tree.

Green Lizard

I am not quite sure what the lizard was looking at. Perhaps the person behind the camera was every bit intriguing as the lizard in front of the camera?

Alpine Panorama

Last weekend I spent some time in the mountains. The weather was unusually perfect for this time of the year: clear blue sky, sunshine, a slight breeze. I really should have brought my DSLR, but I was too lazy to carry so much weight, so the G9 was my tool of choice.

Image quality is a compromise, of course, but more than good enough for web use or up to medium print size. Sometimes, it is better to have a good time than to get the ultimate in image quality. 😉

Alpine panorama.

Alpine Panorama XV

Frog on a Rock

While spending some time at the riverside, I noticed a frog sitting on a rock in the water. He held still just long enough for me to expose a single shot, then he dove into the water and hid under a rock.

Frog on a Rock

I like the way the shape of the rock mimics the shape of the frog – or is it the other way around?

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