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Quite often a good photo is waiting to be found in the details. While walking along a lake, I noticed the water washing up against rocks and dead wood, whipping up a light froth. I bent down and looked more closely and the longer I looked, the more interesting patters formed and dissolved themselves.

I wonder how this would look in a video? Mmm, maybe that is a project for the future …

Alpine Strawberries are blossoming in the warm spring sun. I take that as a sign that spring is here to stay. 🙂

Alpine Strawberry Blossoms in the Spring Sun

Alpine Strawberry Blossoms in the Spring Sun

I had the pleasure of a few days in the mountains recently and – lucky me – the weather cooperated very nicely with my efforts to capture the grand landscape.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, except for a short while when dark clouds banded together and it looked like a storm was brewing. However, a few minutes later, the clouds passed and the day continued to be sunny.

Mountain landscape covered with snow under stormy clouds.

Mountain Snowscape under a Stormy Sky.

During the Streets of Paris workshop in September, an assignment was to shoot on the Pont des Arts. There were a number of musicians playing on the bridge, but the lone saxophone player caught my ear.

I stopped to listen to his music for a long time, struck by the fact that he seemed to be playing for himself, not the people around him.

Stephen plays the Saxophone on the Pont des Arts in Paris.

It finally dawned on me that I was supposed to be taking pictures, not listen to music (bad student!), so I did. 😉

Afterwards, I talked to Stephen, the musician, who turns out to be a really nice guy. He’s originally from Pittsburgh, PA and went to live and work in Paris. After a while, he could not stand his “normal” job anymore, so he is now a full-time musician. Wow, talk about living your dream!

At the time, he was practicing, which he prefers to do outside and in public, rather than in a stuffy rehearsal room. That I can relate to!

As the sun dropped from the sky, the sky turned into a spectacular background and I could not pass the opportunity by. I did miss dinner at a fantastic restaurant waiting for the colors to be just right, but I think the picture justifies the loss – barely. 🙂

Stephen plays the Saxophone in front of the sunset on the Pont des Arts in Paris.

Next time you are in Paris, check out Stephens schedule and listen to him play! And if you’re in Munich, Stephen, let me know.

The University of Technology München in Garching held an open house for the general public last Saturday. While it was cold and wet outside, inside there were fun and interesting presentations, lectures, and demonstrations all over the campus.

I was especially impressed (as were the kids) by the glasblowers of the Department of Chemistry. Up to that point, I had always associated glasblowing with arts and crafts (hello there, Venice!). The fact that condensers, flasks, and all the other equipment needed in a chemistry lab can be – and are – made at the university had completely escaped me. I definitely see this equipment with a different eye now.

Glasblower Fred Perk turns a glas tube in a bright flame.

Fred Perk during a glasblowing demonstration at the open house at the University of Technology München in Garching.

In the picture above you see Fred Perk, one of the glasblowers at the TUM, heating a glas tube in a gas flame. He had previously made the two figurines in the foreground.

In the picture I clearly see the joy that Fred exuded in spades during his work. What a gift to be not only talented, but happy at work!

While taking the picture, I envisioned it only in black and white. Later, at the computer, I noticed the wonderful colors.

Glasblower Fred Perk turns a glas tube in a bright flame.

urns a glas tube in a bright flame.” width=”480″ height=”360″ />Fred Perk during a glasblowing demonstration at the open house at the University of Technology München in Garching.

As a special treat I am showing both interpretations of the picture. 🙂

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