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Mushroom Circle

Mushroom Circle

While hiking through a forest, I came across these mushrooms growing in an almost perfect circle. I was sure there must a good reason why they were growing this way, but I could not see it.

Back home, I asked Wikipedia and it turns out these fairy rings are not uncommon. There are several theories why they grow in this way, but apparently there is no consensus yet. Until the scientists figure the mystery of the mushrooms out, the fact that they are pretty will have to suffice.

Lately, we have experienced some trouble with our oven. Overcoming these difficulties (by application of an oven thermometer and dialing in some temperature compensation) my wife has managed to bake one of her wonderful cheesecakes to her satisfaction again. Here is what it looked like in all of its scrumptious goodness before our guests found it:

Cheesecake with Pink Rose

Cheesecake with Pink Rose.

I think that Andrew will be most pleased; now that harmony has been restored, my wife can try his delicious cheesecake recipe. 🙂

In case you are interested, I deliberately underexposed by about -2 EV to get rich, saturated colors. Yes, the browns are now very dark, so the edges look like they may have been baked a bit crispy. If this was for a cookbook (instead of a mood shot), I might use a mask in Photoshop to lighten the edges of the cake. As it stands, I prefer the mysterious, moody richness hinted at in this image.