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Here’s a fun shot I took while on my belly in the gras:

Yellow Flowers in Front of a Blue Sky.

Yellow Flowers in Front of a Blue Sky

I had to resist the temptation to increase the saturation of the blue sky to get a more in-your-face look, which would have meshed well with the super-saturated color of the flower. I prefer this rendition because it conveys the light, sunny feel that goes with that particular sky – if you have ever been to Bavaria in that kind of weather, you will know what a “Bavarian Sky” is and what I am talking about.

This summer, I was fascinated by some yellow flowers in the garden that seemed to hold an almost magical attraction to bees.

Honey Bee on Yellow Flower

I took this picture using an extension tube and a tripod. The problem with this setup was that the area in which the image was sharp was about 3-4 mm in depth and there was a breeze blowing. The swaying of the flower made it go in and out of focus, so I lost quite a number of interesting pictures due to lack of sharpness.

Does anyone have an idea what the name of the flower is?

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