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It seems that we did not have a marmelade fly image for about … 2 days now, so I think it is time for another :-):

A marmelade fly rests on the petals of a large yellow flower before taking flight.

Marmelade Flies on a Yellow Flower

You might also want to enjoy the beautiful texture of those wonderful yellow flower petals. I did not play with the saturation, the color really is that lush!

I was just leaving the house when I spotted the dragonfly that I had been after for days finally sitting still on a rosebud.

Dragonfly on a rosebud

Unfortunately I did not have time to grab my DSLR – fortunately I had the G9 ready in a pocket and managed to squeeze off a few shots before I had to run. I am rather pleased with the depth-of-field (or lack thereof) from such a small sensor.

This summer, I was fascinated by some yellow flowers in the garden that seemed to hold an almost magical attraction to bees.

Honey Bee on Yellow Flower

I took this picture using an extension tube and a tripod. The problem with this setup was that the area in which the image was sharp was about 3-4 mm in depth and there was a breeze blowing. The swaying of the flower made it go in and out of focus, so I lost quite a number of interesting pictures due to lack of sharpness.

Does anyone have an idea what the name of the flower is?

Digital Macro Photography by Ross Hoddinott starts by describing digital photography in general and the technology found in digital cameras. Various categories of digital cameras are discussed regarding their usefulness for closeup work.

The second chapter introduces various lenses, tripods, flash units, and other accessories useful for macro photography.
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