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Alpine Panorama

Last weekend I spent some time in the mountains. The weather was unusually perfect for this time of the year: clear blue sky, sunshine, a slight breeze. I really should have brought my DSLR, but I was too lazy to carry so much weight, so the G9 was my tool of choice.

Image quality is a compromise, of course, but more than good enough for web use or up to medium print size. Sometimes, it is better to have a good time than to get the ultimate in image quality. 😉

Alpine panorama.

Alpine Panorama XV

Wheat Fields

Taking a walk I came across this view of wheat fields in the sun with thunderclouds moving in.

Fields of ripe wheat in the sunshine.

Summer Wheat Fields

I really love the dry grain, almost ready for harvesting in the hot sun. To me, it feels as if summer would never end. The sky, of course, tells a different story …

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