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My good friend Wolfgang has been very persistent in insisting that we take up hiking the mountains again, so that is what we recently did.

The plan was to go to the Rappensee and then hike some of the peaks there. I had spent the previous week (re-)paving around the house and my knees cried foul the second day. So I stayed at the Rappensee as he stormed the peaks. Fortunately, I do not need my knees to operate a camera.

Sheep grazing on the side of a grassy mountain.

Mountain Sheep

The dramatic clouds you see in the pictures are slightly misleading: while there were a number of clouds about, it was actually quite sunny and warm.

Dramatic lighting in the clouds as the mountainside and the sheep on it go dark in the dusk.

Dusk falls


Finally, here’s a panorama seen from the Seebichl:

Mountain panorama seen from the top of the Seebichl.

Mountain Panorama seen from Seebichl


I am really happy with the images and I am even happier that I spent some quality time with a good friend.

On October 6 and 7 the  associated choirs of St. Lantpert in Freising are performing Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Some pictures from the latest rehearsal:

The Israelites point at Elijah.
The Israelites watch Elijah compete with the priests of Baal

Prophets of Baal dressed in red raise their arms to their god.
The prophets of Baal call to their god
Laughing performers.
Singing is fun!

More information about the performance is available here and more pictures are here.

I was recently passing through Munich central station when I noticed the play of sunlight coming in low contrasted against the clear blue sky. With the deep shadows in the roof, this gives an almost surreal image.

Abstract Roof
Abstract Roof

A gallery of pictures from the performance of “3 Musketeers” in the Luitpoldhalle in Freising on October 28. and 29. Oktober are now online.

Here are some samples:

Milady de Winter in “Men”

Athos sings “Crystal Angel”

The choir can dance!

All for One

Queen Anna, too, is cast twice. Like in Joseph last year, there is no first and second ensemble, but two of equal calibre (internally, they are “1” and “A”). That is too complicated for me, so I’ll just introduce the queen:

Queen Anna in the musical ‘3 Musketeers’.

The date of the performance in Freising is rapidly approaching. For some of the performances there aren’t all that many tickets left. It would pay off to get some before it is too late.

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