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The Performance of Elijah (by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy) in the Luitpoldhalle in Freising (Germany) was a delight for eyes and ears. After each piece I see now way to improve on a great performance and then the creative team blows me away with yet another superlative.

The stage was placed in front of the orchestra and only about 30 centimeters high. That way the audience almost sat on the stage. Smack in the middle instead of just along for the ride …

The orchestra was visible behind (and above) the stage through a translucent curtain. In this picture, taken during the preparations for the performance, you can get a good impression of the setup.

The stage for Elijah, as seen by the audience.

The orchestra, on the other hand, had a special view of the acting, which I found fascinating:

View from the orchestra on to the stage.

I huddled down in the middle, right in front of the stage – a perfect place for photography. What I did not expect was the auditory and emotional force of an Elijah belting out a solo at a distance of half a pace. That was an emotional roller coaster ride that I have never experienced before. It gave me a whole new, personal relationship with the oratorio.

The narrator before the second act.

All pictures are here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Yesterday afternoon was the premiere performance of Elijah (by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy) in the Luitpoldhalle, in Freising (Germany).

The stage setting is fantastic and the performers blew me away. The impression was underlined by the fact the audience almost sits on stage.

Dancing ballerinas in white tulle glide on stage as angels.

Angels on Approach


Elijah stands above the priests of Baal and proclaims the death sentence.

Elijah sentences the priests of Ball to death


A boy looks into the distance and spies the first wisps of rain clouds while the people are desperate.

The Boy Sees a Rain Cloud

I’m really looking forward to experiencing the performance again today!